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Technology and Data Services

Technology has become a core focus area for GLC.

In the consumer services sector, where our business began, technology has become directly and continuously available to the consumer… in the form of home computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and countless entertainment devices. Moore’s law predicting doubling of computing power on a chip every 18 months has come to fruition over the decades since the invention of the integrated circuit and reduced or eliminated the complexities, lag times and expense that previously made the consumer penetration and use of digital devices limited in scope. Furthermore, the development and roll-out of Internet, wireless and cellular technology over this same time period have made all these devices connected.  Technology enabled services for consumers are no longer hypothetical curiosities but the mainstream of how consumers spend their time, with such services expanding as fast as the imagination of entrepreneurs can conceive of them.

The consumer and media companies we have worked with over 20 years have always looked for the best intelligence they could find to help them win in their chosen markets. Excellent business service providers in advertising and marketing have looked to data and market research to gain an edge for their clients. Technology has now made the power of these supportive services so differentiating that no consumer or media company can ignore them. Technology has in the process changed these business services so that they now operate with new names such as Adtech and Predictive Analytics.

Software has continued to develop at the same rapid pace as exponential increases in computing power. Since software can enhance performance in virtually every area of business operations, companies’ internal IT teams cannot develop all these capabilities in-house. Furthermore, the rate of change in each area is too rapid for the purchase of point solutions on a license model that depend on infrequent and time-consuming maintenance upgrades. In this enterprise marketplace, the Internet, through cloud computing, has made it possible not only to outsource the software development capability to a firm focused exclusively on one area but also to outsource where the day to day software functionality in this one area resides.

Enterprises no longer need to depend on software installations on their own in-house servers but can rather depend on the software company that created that functionality to “host” the service, continuously enhance it and deliver it over the Internet. This has led to the creation of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model, with software delivered to a defined number of seats on a recurring, monthly basis under an annual or multi-year contract. In turn, the availability of this new business model has caused many of the marketing and data service providers we have long worked with to reconsider how they provide their services. There is also a proliferation of increasingly specific SaaS solutions, which are easily understood by and easily delivered to the enterprise market.

We work with technology and data services companies in the following sub-sectors:

  • Adtech
  • Data Analytics
  • Market Research
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Enterprise Software
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Gruppo and Company is closely involved with companies participating in this revolution in technology enabled services for the consumer and business markets. We invite entrepreneurs to talk to us about your game changing technologies; let us be your advocate with the investors and strategic partners that will accelerate your growth and help you realize your vision.

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